Secure your digital life. Computer login, OTP two-factor codes, U2F & WebAuthn, the VivoKey Identity platform, and more – it’s all possible with Apex Ring. 


Apex Ring supports VivoKey Authenticator which lets you take your OTP codes with you on your Apex Ring. Install the VivoKey Authenticator app on any NFC enabled smartphone and your 2FA codes will always be there for you. Dead battery, stolen phone, or upgrading your phone is no longer a security nightmare. Simply tap your Apex Ring to generate your 2FA codes on your new phone.

A woman's hand knocking on the access panel on the wall with a green light indicating access is granted

Code keys stay in the ring

Get codes with any phone

Go passwordless.
Log into your computer with just a tap.




Just tap and go, it’s that simple.

Tesla Key

Jump in and drive away with just a knock.


No key, no problem. Just tap and you’re in.

Reserve your Apex Ring

Reserve your Apex Ring today by pre-ordering at an amazing introductory price. Pricing is subject to increase as we approach our launch date in late Q2 2023, so be sure to reserve yours today!